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I. Globally-Inspired, Adaptive Drum Kit

Over the past decade, my collaborations with various traditional, folk and classical musicians have led to the development of a 'hybrid' percussion kit. Though modified to suit each project, I typically build it around a mounted tambourine (using pitch-bending techniques), prepared floor tom (emulating a bombo drum, commonly found across South America), and various bells and found objects. I am largely inspired by Sweden's incredible folk drummers, such Petter Berndalen (This is How We Fly), Andrea Ferrari (Bokanté, Snarky Puppy), and Jens Linnell (Sver), but enjoy integrating rhythmic ideas from South India, Brazil, Afro-beat, and even the complex sound effects used in foley.  

In addition to a more typical kit set-up, I also utilize a mix of open, muted, and 'melodic' strikes with a free left hand, which attempts to mimic the sound of various animal-skinned drums from around the world. In my right hand, I use either a wooden drum stick, bamboo rod, brush, or wooden tipper of my own design.

Farhad Khosravi, "Day of Creation" (2020). 

Spencer Murray and Pieslinger, "Dowd's Favourite" (2016)

"Duetymology" (Live) with Jaron Freeman-Fox (2018) 
'Alberta Spotlight' - Online Performance with Farhad Khosravi, sponsored by the National Music Centre (2020)
Elliot Thomas, Live @ Vacancy Hall with The Northern Sessions (2017) - "Shhh"

Jaron Freeman-Fox and the OOE, Live in Helsinki - "Flabbergasp" (2014)

Jaron Freeman-Fox, "Auctioneering Everything" (Official Video) (2014). Video by Ben Clarkson
"Hallelujah Leonard Cohen Hallelujah" (Live) with Dana Wylie (2018) 

Daniel Gervais and 2E Fiddle - "Reel of Isabelle" (2017) 

"Dana Wylie - "The Earth That You're Made Of" (Live) (2017)
"Reach Out to the Darkness" (Live) with Martin Kerr (2018) 

II. Roots/Canadian Folk/Americana

Since moving to Alberta in 2012, I have been very lucky to work with some of the province's most celebrated singer/songwriters, in addition to ongoing collaborations with Nashville- and Toronto-based artists. These projects challenge me to come up with appropriate drum parts that support the song (often recorded live off the floor), as well as re-create vintage drum sounds and explore interesting textures.

Maddie Storvold, "Wild Geese" (2018)

"Into the Mystic" (2012), with Liam Titcomb (Russel).

"Test the Timber" Lyric Video - Hundred Mile House (2020)

Liam Titcomb (Russel), "Old Wound" (2013)

Liam Titcomb (Russel), "I Wanna Go Back" (2013)

Dana Wylie, "Let No Man Steal Your Thyme" (2017)

Spencer Murray and Pipeslinger (feat. Elliot Thomas), "Nancy April" (2016) 



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